To apply to the program, submit a completed New Life Center Application by mail, email, fax, or personal delivery as well as a hand-written letter, in your own handwriting, telling about your problem with drugs and/or alcohol and why you need help. If approved, for admissions, a TB Skin Test is required before an arrival date can be given. Once the results are received, the students arrival can be scheduled as space is available. 

The following items must also be available upon admission:

          - Must be able to pass a 12-panel urine drug screen                                     and alcohol screen

          - Court orders  (if applicable)

          - Two forms of ID (Driver's license, birth certificate,                                         social security card, non-drivers ID, etc.)

          - $20.00 fee for background check 

          - Prescription medication, which, must comply                                               with our medication policy

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Approved Medication List